Plains Game Special Package, Kalahari desert, South Africa, Free Roaming, $4850
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Package includes: 2 x Springbok 2 x Oryx 1 x Blue Wildebeest 1 x Ostrich 1 x Steenbuck @ $ 4,850.00 per hunter (minimum 2 hunters) This is free roaming plains game hunting at its best. In the far most North Western corner of South Africa, where Botswana, South Africa and Namibia meet, lies a 100 000 acre block of true untouched wilderness. The extremes of this beautiful semi-arid to arid desert, surprisingly teems with life. Hunters can expect the challenges that forms part of extreme long range shooting on trophy quality species such as Eland, Springbuck, Blue wildebeest, Ostrich, Red Hartebeest, Steenbuck and Duiker. The rustic yet comfortable camp is nestled among the rolling red Kalahari desert dunes. To the east our area borders the Kgalakgadi Transfrontier National park and to the west it borders Namibia. All of this provide a truly exceptional setting for one of the only free roaming plains game safari areas remaining in South Africa. A short commercial flight from Johannesburg to Upington and then a 3 hour road transfer to camp, provides the logistical ease to add this area on the serious hunters to do list.


  • Species: Springbok
  • Average Classification: 50 - 100
  • Shot Opportunity: 95
  • Weapon: Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: RBSA0001
  • Tag Availability: Landowner Voucher
Classification details:

African game species are judged according to two international measurement systems SCI (Safari Club International) as well as Rowland Ward. All species hunted on this area qualify for Rowland Ward and therefore score exceptionally well in SCI. Please note that we target post prime mature species only.

Weapons description:

We would recommend reasonably flat shooting calibers due to the fact that shot distances can vary from 250 to 700 yards. This location is ideal for individuals that like to test their skills at long range distances.

Available Dates

April 17, 2020 - August 17, 2020


  • Price: $5,550.00

Group Options

$ 4,850 per hunter, minimum 2 hunters $ 4,550 per hunter, minimum 4 hunters $ 4,250 per hunter, minimum 6 hunters


Kalahari Desert, Northern Cape, South Africa

Refund Policy:

50% of the deposit will be refunded if the safari is cancelled 6 months prior to the 1st of March of the year that the safari is to take place in. If the safari is cancelled less than 6 months prior to the 1st of March of the year the safari is to take place in there will be no refund.


Hunters wanting to join Kwalata Safaris on this adventure can expect to hunt one of the last truly free roaming plains game areas in South Africa. Our block is home to vast numbers of plains game this includes around 8500 Springbuck in excess of 4500 Oryx and several thousand head of previously mentioned plains game. This ensures ample opportunity at top quality trophy species. In essence this area is the long range shooters paradise as hunters can test their skills on stalking in the red Kalahari sand dunes and taking opportunities from prone positions of mid to long ranges. Long, hard successful days are complimented by sumptuous meals and cool drinks, a crackling fire and the calls of Hyena, Jackal and the odd Leopard creates the perfect back drop to relive adventures of safari's past and the promise of what tomorrow will bring. This truly is a hunters paradise.

HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

  • Lodging & Accommodations: Cabin/Lodge

    Lodging & Accommodations Scale

    5 - Cabin/Lodge

    4 - Bunk House/Trailer

    3 - Wall Tent

    2 - Backpack Tent

    1 - Client Provided/Hotel

The rustic yet comfortable lodge is nestled among the red sand dunes. Every amenity is catered for, the en suite facilities, daily laundry and turn down service as well as friendly lodge staff is sure to contribute to your comfort and enjoyment of your stay.

  • Menu & Food: 5 Star Catered

    Menu & Food Scale

    5 - 5 Star Catered

    4 - Full Kitchen

    3 - Field Kitchen

    2 - Backpack Food

    1 - Client Provided

All meals are catered for. Our resident chef Shalleen, prepares sumptuous Truly South African meals. These range from Lamb and Beef dishes but even more enjoyable are the venison dishes prepared. This includes, Springbuck, Blue wildebeest, Oryx and even Ostrich. Great desserts compliment great meals and is a perfect ending to an even better day.

  • Physical Conditions: Moderate Hiking

    Physical Conditions Scale:

    5 - All Vehicle Access

    4 - Light Hiking

    3 - Moderate Hiking

    2 - Heavy Hiking

    1 - Extreme Back Country

Hunters should be prepared for moderate physical activity. Hunting is done on foot and hunters are often required to move through heavy desert sand as well as going up and down sand dunes.

Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

A short commercial flight from Johannesburg to Upington and then a 3 hour road transfer to camp, provides the logistical ease to add this area on the serious hunters to do list.Transportation to and from base camp as well as during the safari is conducted in 4x4 Landcruiser vehicles and provided by the outfitter.


  • Lodging & Accommodations
  • Menu & Food
  • Physical Conditions


Please bring items as listed on the gear & equipment list provided by the outfitter.

What Outfitter Provides

  • 4x4 Safari Vehicle
  • PH Professional Hunter
  • Tracker
  • Skinners
  • Camp Staff

What to Bring

  • Binos
  • Safari Hunting clothing
  • Rifle
  • Ammunition


  • What Outfitter Provides
  • What to Bring



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